Our heated floor thermostats

Be the master of your well-being! With FLEXTHERM’s programmable thermostats, make sure you have the level of comfort you want at all times, whether you program it in advance or manuall control it as you go. And since they are attractive and elegant, they perfectly adapt to any decor.

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  • Choice between a WiFi programmable and a non-programmable thermostat

  • Clear and precise display
  • Chic and modern design that fits any room
  • 3 year limited warranty



Control your floor from anywhere with this WiFi programmable thermostat using the CONCERTO Connect application from your smart phone or tablet.


With the non-programmable CONCERTO thermostat, simply adjust the temperature manually for ultimate comfort at any time.


With its large and colorful touch screen, CONCERTO Touch lets you program your perfect level of comfort with a simple touch.


With the FLP35 programmable thermostat’s large display and sleek design, saving energy has never looked so good.

Expansion units

FLETR1310 Expansion unit

You have a large room? No need for several thermostats! A single CONCERTO Connect or CONCERTO thermostat is able to control up to 10 FLETR1310 expansion units to ensure your ultimate comfort.

FLE30 Expansion unit

Your large room requires a system exceeding 15 amps? You don’t need several thermostats! A single FLP35 thermostat can control an infinite number of FLE30 expansion units.


Since its foundation in 1991, FLEXTHERM has been able to maintain its enviable reputation as a floor heating industry leader due to the importance it gives to the quality of the products it manufacturers but also its focus on innovation and customer service. Learn more