The right accessories to ensure the success of your project

To ensure a quick and hassle-free installation, FLEXTHERM offers a complete line of accessories.


  • Complete line of accessories
  • Perfectly adapted to all FLEXTHERM products
  • Everything you need for an installation or a minor repair, if needed



The one-of-a-kind FLEXGlide was specially designed to be used with the FLEXSnap+ installation system. Simply screw it into the end of a standard handle (such as a broom), insert the Green Cable Surface or Green Cable Surface XL into it and install the cable while standing. The FLEXGlide wheel is perfecly matched to the FLEXSnap+ mesh to ensure an easy installation of the heating cable.


Fifteen (15) foot thermal probe for thermostats.


Inserting the probe in the FLS1260T conduit ensures its protection during an installation where the system is embedded in a concrete slab or topping.


The Universal Snap-in Gauges™ (300 units/box) are used to quickly install any surface type FLEXTHERM heating cable.

FLG25 & FLGH25

FLEXTHERM offers you hot glue sticks that can be used to glue gauges, mechanical joint, etc. to the subfloor during an installation. The FLGH25 hot glue sticks (25 units/box) are used for an installation on concrete, while the FLG25 hot glue sticks (25 units/box) are used for an installation on plywood or OSB.


Since its foundation in 1991, FLEXTHERM has been able to maintain its enviable reputation as a floor heating industry leader due to the importance it gives to the quality of the products it manufacturers but also its focus on innovation and customer service. Learn more