About FLEXTHERM, the floor heating industry leader

A tradition of excellence

For 30 years, FLEXTHERM has excelled as a leader in the floor heating industry in Quebec.

At FLEXTHERM, we owe our success and growth to everyone we have had the pleasure to work with since 1991: our valued customers, our dedicated employees, and our steadfast business partners and suppliers. The fact that so many people continue to put their trust in us after three decades of loyal service is down to our human-centred approach.

At FLEXTHERM, we are always innovating to provide cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your needs and meet your customers’ expectations for comfort and energy efficiency. We are the only floor heating system manufacturer in Quebec that has its own network of certified installers. This team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best service and top-quality products.

A local company

We are proud to be a Quebec company and a pioneer in our field. In fact, we laid the groundwork for the floor heating market in the province. When you do business with us, you will enjoy friendly, conscientious service and a team that understands the Quebec and North American markets better than anyone. You will also be supporting the local economy.

The hard work and expertise of our research and development team lets us design and manufacture a wide range of durable, innovative and high-performance products in our 50,000-sq. ft. factory on the South Shore of Montreal. Our local know-how and the dedication of all our FLEXTHERM family members are what allow our company to stand out from the competition year after year.

Unmatched quality

At FLEXTHERM, we offer a full range of cables and mats for surface installation or embedding in concrete. We also have a wide variety of other products, including an array of high-tech thermostats and the ProtecTHERM™ range, designed for roof and gutter de-icing, among other applications. All our products undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure they meet the highest industry standards and our own expectations.

Our FLEXTHERM floor heating systems are suited to any room or building, whether residential, commercial or institutional. They do not heat air, do not spread dust or germs, and require zero maintenance. What’s more, they provide a feeling of comfort far superior to that of baseboard heaters, wall radiators or forced air systems. They are also energy efficient and provide greater freedom when designing and furnishing a room.

Exceptional service

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are paramount to us. That’s why we offer personalized and friendly customer service and after-sales service.

Take advantage of the know-how of our FLEXpert floor heating specialists. FLEXperts are professional independent contractors trained by our company. They hold a certification that attests to their expertise, reliability and competence. Our specialists will assist you at every stage of your project, whether you need to prepare a quote, choose the right product, obtain technical support, or perform a repair. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Our values

Respect – Collaboration – Passion – Excellence – Creativity


Since its foundation in 1991, FLEXTHERM has been able to maintain its enviable reputation as a floor heating industry leader due to the importance it gives to the quality of the products it manufacturers but also its focus on innovation and customer service. Learn more