Trusting a FLEXboutik or a FLEXpert guarantees your peace of mind

By entrusting your floor heating project to a FLEXboutik or a FLEXpert, you will never have to worry about your system. These experts have undergone specialized training and completed the necessary steps in order to become certified FLEXTHERM floor heating installers.

We are so confident in our experts that we authorize them to offer a lifetime warranty on the FLEXTHERM floor heating systems they install! No other manufactruer is able to offer this kind of warranty… because no other manufacturer is able to rely on a network of installers as qualified and competent as ours.

Find a FLEXTHERM Certified Floor Heating Partner

For more options to buy our floor heating products or for any question, please contact our customer service at: 1 (800) 353-9843 or (450) 442-9990


Since its foundation in 1991, FLEXTHERM has been able to maintain its enviable reputation as a floor heating industry leader due to the importance it gives to the quality of the products it manufacturers but also its focus on innovation and customer service. Learn more